Current Master : IPM Bro David McCartney PM

David McCartney once again took to the chair for the 2017 - 2018 season. This is Brother McCartney's second time as master at 1338. His first time was in 2004.

In 2017 - 2018, Brother McCartney welcomed, initiated and raised  two candidates to the sublime degree of a Master Mason. Both of which are keen to progress further in Freemasonry and support 1338.

Brother David also led several large deputations this season to other lodges over the province and was always proud to represent Royal Thistle 1338.  

David is well known in other lodges and is renowned for his warming hospitality when you visit Royal Thistle. 

We might see him taking to the chair again in the future.

Treasurer G Smith PM DSM, RWM D McCartney PM, Secretary G,C Smith PM